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Why I decided to do it microblading pen for eyebrows, how much was it was it worth it all that great stuff, how have things been to this point, so if you’re interested in that I’ll tell you how long I’ve had my micro blading done what the process was and all that great stuff so you interested in that stay tuned okay, so why did I decide to get my eyebrows micro bladed okay so anyone that knows me knows I love, do love makeup, I’m just I’m a girly girl in that way when it comes to lashes mash ulta microblading eyebrow pen.Kara foundation concealer con touring brushes I am as one of my friends calls me am.A product junkie, hey hey I am who I am, however one thing I’ve always just admired for a lot of Youtube ers are people that do makeup is just the browse what they do, how great they look how perfect they are and I’ve just always tried to make man perfect I have I have gotten the anesthesia brow cream, the pencil everything and I just never had the hand for I don’t know what it is either they were too dark there too sharp, there’s something just don’t make me make me feel like my face was framed well so time has passed, I’ve been doing make up my own makeup for years and then I came across something on Instagram where I one of these girls I follow had hers done by a girl here in Orlando and I saw let me take a look at her page and see.So what, what it’s all about, let me just do that, so that’s where I started I started looking at her pictures, a young black micro blade or many clients, many great reviews, so I kind of saw I’m like okay maybe she’s someone that I could trust with my micro blading, um, then when I turned to Youtube, um who’s done micro blading, um, what is it, what is it like was it worth it all this great stuff, so that’s kind of where I started I basically do research for probably about two months, ask me one of my best girlfriends I had hers done maybe around three or four years ago how it was for her and she had mentioned it was one of the best things she had ever done, that was her opinion and I value her opinion very much so I was like okay let me just look into this a little bit more kept doing research so then I finally decided to go okay, so I went made my appointment, um the initial.I’m micro blading for this which I’ll tell you what the price was here at the end, um, it was not cheap, okay so it really is a tattoo on your brows, um, so when I wrote when I went in it was during it was after covert had actually started a it was actually in ch.I started in july of 2020, um that was my first session I went in and tie me wash my hands I had to read a contract and sign and say I understood this I had to follow the rules like staying out of sunlight for a long time I couldn’t wash my awash, my brows, um I couldn’t sweat on my brows and since I was a person that worked out quite a bit, this was a concern for you, you couldn’t do this for at least ten to twelve days while the scabs are falling off of your eyebrows, so still at this point they’re saying this is all gonna be worth it, so I decided to just take the plunge, so I’m super anxious to lay down on the table so actually I’m laying down like the girl like she’s super professional, she puts the numbing cream on me so I’m sitting with the numbing cream while I’m reading the contract for maybe like 1520 minutes, so then I lay down and she starts.The microbe lady ha. On a pain level from one to ten my first session was around a seven or eight it got to the point where she just said.I’m not gonna go any further right now will do it in the touch up you are extremely sensitive and ladies what she did ask me was are you close to your cycle, this is going to be very important at the end and I said no I don’t think so I think my cycle was off she said if you’re close to your cycle, women tend to be more sensitive when they’re closer to their cycle, I’m telling you guys, it just felt like razor blades carving into a scab, that’s what it sounds like because you literally can’t feel the initial.If I could I probably be screaming right but it’s numb but it sounds like razor blades going over a dry scab, that’s how I can describe it, it’s just this very strange sounds, you just can’t even believe that this sound is coming from your eyebrows, it’s really strange, so she ended up stopping a she did a great job, she had done both eyebrows, she wanted to do one more pigment, but she said you know I’m just gonna let you go, you’re gonna come back during the next session that was perfectly fine during the recovery period for that ten to twelve days, um, it was very strange I didn’t have extreme scabs falling off, but I I have my the extremely dark brows, my husband was like are you shocked, I mean I looked shocked all the time like you know, so it went through that phase and then after day twelve or thirteen and I actually started working out again, but wearing a sweat band, so I’m sweat didn’t.Drip directly onto my eyebrows during that time, my husband and I our family actually went to savannah it was during this summer we were doing a lot of outside activities I had to wear a sun visor, the whole time, I’m in order to keep the sun away from our brows so that was another experience doing that but so once we got back A I said that was in july, maybe around july eighteen a then right before my son’s birthday I actually had the touch up appointment and I was you can imagine at this point, I’m super nervous, but I say you know I have to get the touch up, this is gonna last a year eighteen to two years, I need to go and get the touch up and it’s very you know it’s very important to the entire process, so I go in, she numbs me again I am not close to my period, okay oh I’m sorry, come to find out.Came on my cycle, the very next day after him micro blading done so she was correct, the pain level was there because I was close to my cycle because on my second session I actually went in was numbed lay down on the table she know me for the same time twenty minutes she did the exact same thing she did before, just touched up certain points and I did not feel a thing, just I still heard the scraping, but I did not feel anything, so yes ladies, it is or in general, whoever well it doesn’t matter for guys, but for ladies if you’re getting the micro blading done try not to go close to your cycle two or three days before because your pain levels for me and for some other people I’ve spoken to the pain levels are higher and you’re more sensitive when you’re close to your cycle that pain is not worth it, wait until. You are a little bit further away from your cycle, I’m telling you, it will make you question what the heck you’re doing why the heck am I putting myself through this, so at the end it was very wet weather for me like I said, this is now february seventeenth I’ve had these since july eighteenth I’m like I said I really really like them, I’ll give you guys a little bit of a close-up, you can see where the tent is here and I just had these um I just had them threaded, so even though you have the micro blading, you still need to clean it up, cause I had hair growing here and on top so she really cleaned that up for me, my my thread or down the street, didn’t you so and it really brought out the shape of them again like I said I love the tail here was never really able to do that, that’s pretty much perfect and now I can actually take VI.Now cream, fill them in and make them darker and it is ten times easier for me to do that because I already have the shape, so if there is a time we want more drama, you can do that do I think micro blading is a little expensive for the time that you have it, maybe not, it actually cost me close to about 450 dollars for the entire process that was the initial micro blading plus the touch up and when I go back maybe the end of the year to get another touch up, it’ll probably cost me about 75 dollars I think to just to get a touch up and they’ll be good for another eighteen months to a year so it is a semipermanent tattoo.Um, and I have really really enjoyed it, if I can say that if you are the type of person that can’t take you know the time necessary to do your brows, this might be something great for you, was it worth to painting in today I can say at this point absolutely, yes I love waking up in the morning seeing my brows done not feeling like I’m a complete mess I have not touched them up at all here and I will also post a picture of my face before I had the um, the brows and I, do think I got some pictures from when I first got them done and they were jet black.